AVN2XX Firmware Updates

For complete update instructions please refer to the appropriate user’s manual listed below.

*********************** IMPORTANT NOTE ***********************

If your AVN2XX has a firmware version of 1.94 or higher, skip to the Firmware Update Instructions at the bottom of this page. Pre 1.94 firmware units require a THREE STEP update procedure.

Firmware Versions for Download:

Firmware version 1.94 is only required for units with pre-1.94 firmware.
See “Important Note” above.

Download AVN2XX Firmware Version 1.94 (released 08/11/2006)

Currently released version:

Download AVN2XX Firmware Version 2.13 (released 06/20/2012)

Firmware Release Notes

AVN2XX Firmware Release Notes (PDF)

AVN2XX Configuration Utility (required for AVN2XX updates)

AVN2XX Configuration Utility download (.exe file inside .zip file)

Firmware Update Requirements

In order to update the firmware, you will need the AVN2XX Configuration Utility software, which is available for download above. Extract the executable file (AVN2XXConfigUtility.exe) from the .zip file and place it anywhere on your Windows based PC. The next thing to do is to check the current version of your AVN2XX firmware. This can be accomplished by running the Config Utility software and selecting Help->Get AVN Version from the main menu. If your AVN firmware is outdated, you can download an updated firmware file from the link(s) above. Save the firmware file to the PC where the AVN2XX Configuration Utility software is installed.

Firmware Update Instructions

Open the AVN2XX Configuration Utility software. This will launch a new dialog box to your screen listing the found AVN2XX encoders on your network. From the menus on the top of this screen choose Config->Firmware Update. This will launch another dialog box containing a browse button and text field to select the firmware file on your PC to upload. It will also contain a list of found AVN2XX encoders on your network, with check boxes next to each to allow one or many to be selected to receive the firmware update. Finally, there are two text boxes for specifying the administrative username and password, which are required for a firmware update. From this screen, select the file, the units, and the username/password and click update. Once completed the AVN unit(s) will automatically reboot and load up with the new firmware. If you have any problems with the update, or if the AVN will not boot after you attempt an update then send us an email to support@vsicam.com or call (805) 845-8900 Ext. 120.