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Sentinel Network AV Monitoring

It’s powerful because it’s simple

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Network AV monitoring simplified by Visionary


In today’s world of network savvy customers, organizations are placing increasing importance on ensuring their critical Network AV systems are available and performing acceptably.

Introducing PacketAV™ Sentinel – Network AV monitoring simplified by Visionary.

Sentinel offers a number of benefits for organizations, improving efficiency by ensuring that time is not wasted waiting for problems to be reported, but is more usefully spent on resolving issues. This proactive approach to Network AV monitoring allows issues to be identified before they impact end users and cause disruptions. This increases system up-time and reliability. As a result, user satisfaction is significantly improved.

Sentinel represents an opportunity for integrators to offer new services, including scalable service programs, and developing sustainable revenue streams.

The Sentinel service uses a local agent to communicate with Network AV devices in the system. It can then interact with local or cloud systems for reporting and logging, as well as API based integrations.

Sentinel is competitively priced and can scale from small, standalone systems to global enterprises.

How it Works

To monitor and manage a network, the Sentinel Service relies on an intelligent and lightweight agent, or “data collector” – a device that runs on the local network 24/7. We call these “Sentinel Agents”. The agent automatically discovers and monitors all Network AV devices which are attached to the network and communicates essential data to the Sentinel Cloud or Local manager via a secure socket when changes occur. The agent also listens for remote connection requests from the secure Sentinel cloud. The agent is the ONLY device that communicates outside the client network.

*Sentinel Agents can be deployed in two ways, you can purchase a turnkey hardware appliance, or as a Virtual Machine for enterprise clients.


Be Alert

Network AV endpoint visibility:
  • Proactive Network AV Monitoring
  • Sentinel Real time alerting allows AV/IT personnel to focus on the solution, rather than the cause
  • Alerting for downtime prevention and reduction of repair time
  • Flexible & customizable alerting options – Configure alerts to match your specifications & thresholds


Sentinel simplifies monitoring deployment and operation:
  • Immediate indication of faults
  • Reduced downtime
  • Identify failing endpoints by name
  • Alerts via email/SMS/SNMP


Sentinel has a number of key features that make it the ideal Network AV monitoring solution:
  • Low Cost Dante™ Device Monitoring
  • API for integration with other systems
  • GUI Rollup to single screen
  • Standalone or Cloud deployments
  • Simple to use GUI
  • Monitor Network AV endpoints from any location
  • Efficiently scalable
  • Lightweight Sentinel agents can be placed anywhere in the network
Buy with Confidence:
Visionary has a standard 30-day Evaluation Program and Limited 12-month Product Warranty & Non-Warranty Policy. Visionary also offers Extended Limited Product Warranties providing extended protection for your equipment investment.