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PackeTV IPTV System

Modular End-to-End IPTV Solution

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PackeTV® is a dynamic multi-screen video delivery solution that enables secure scheduled and on-demand delivery of live and recorded video to any screen across a wide range of networks.

What does PackeTV® do?

  • Provides a single, end-to-end IPTV solution
  • Makes the delivery of high-quality HD/SD video content to multiple devices simple and cost- effective
  • Features an open-standard design, compatible with third-party equipment for quick and easy deployment
  • Modular architecture allows users to upgrade as their budget permits and needs change

Who is PackeTV® for?       

  • Offers price point, flexibility, and ease of use and installation makes it easy to deploy in any IT environment.
  • Delivers high-quality HD/SD MPEG-2/H.264 video content to TVs, set-top boxes (STBs), PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other IP-connected devices.
  • Supports a variety of applications, including corporate communications, video monitoring, training and distance learning, and legacy cable system replacement with TV over IP.
  • Allows any organization to deliver real-time and recorded video over LAN, WAN, WiFi, cellular, and the public Internet.
  • PackeTV® is the ideal IP video management system for the following markets:

PackeTV® Core System – The basic component of any PackeTV® system including all of the software required for managing, distributing and playing live content, managing user access and client distribution, and configuring every aspect of the user experience for the system. When add-ons such as PackeTV® VOD (Video-On-Demand) module and PackeTV® STB (Set-Top Box) module, are present, their critical software components are loaded onto the PackeTV® Core Server. Default system includes:

PackeTV® Portal – Administrative interface for the PackeTV® system. The interface is browser-based, with the required software running off the PackeTV® Server.

PackeTV® Player – Browser-based media player that accesses all of the live and on-demand content managed by PackeTV® The required plug-ins are installed automatically as necessary via the PackeTV® Server. All changes made to the channel lineup, to the player appearance or the running ticker messages are immediately updated for every active PackeTV® Player.

PackeTV® Player Mobile- PackeTV®Player Mobile is an integrated player for iPhone, iPad andAndroid tablets and smart phones that is controlled dynamically with the PackeTV® administrator providing full channel guide synchronization and user authentication.

PackeTV® System Modules

PackeTV® Video on Demand (VOD) Module – When activated, PackeTV® Portal users can upload, discover and manage VOD content. PackeTV® Player users can access the VOD content (when available).

PackeTV® Network Video Record (NVR) Module – Add-on feature for PackeTV®. When activated (with the inclusion of NVR license), both PackeTV® Portal and Client users can record video content and store it on the network.

PackeTV® Set-Top Box (STB) Module – Add-on to the PackeTV® system providing all of the required components for a full TV experience on STBs based on the video content managed by PackeTV®. The software is installed on the PackeTV® Server and accessed by various set top boxes (currently Amino AmiNet 125, 130, A140, 140H, and 540) via a dedicated web address. The module includes the PackeTV® STB module interface, which is the GUI that is seen on TV screens, and all of the back office components.

PackeTV® Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Module – Licensed feature of the PackeTV® system providing a constantly updated menus of Electronic Program Guide displaying broadcast programming and scheduling information for current and upcoming programs.

Buy with Confidence:
Visionary has a standard 30-day Evaluation Program and Limited 12-month Product Warranty & Non-Warranty Policy. Visionary also offers Extended Limited Product Warranties providing extended protection for your equipment investment.

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PackeTV® Features and Benefits

Ease of Use - Multi-screen, browser-based, no install player has an intelligently designed user interface which makes the selection and playback of live and on-demand content simple.

Centralized Management - Through an intuitive, Web-based user interface, administrators can dynamically create and centrally manage video assets for distribution across any type of network. Provisioning and monitoring all IPTV services in local and remote locations is achieved from this single administrator interface.

Efficient to Implement - The straightforward system architecture allows for rapid deployment in virtually any environment. Built-in Windows Active Directory integration makes the implementation of PackeTV® into your I.T. infrastructure fast and seamless.

Modular Flexibility - The modularity of the system provides the flexibility to start small and grow.  Adding robust capabilities such as video on demand, network video record, and set-top box management is trouble-free and cost-effective.

Open Standard - Open-standard design ensures compatibility with a variety of third-party equipment, including Visionary Solutions’ encoders and decoders. Format-agnostic IPTV delivery platform handles locally produced, off-air and on-demand video content playback on PC’s, TV’s and Mobile devices.

Secure -Video assets are fully protected via AES 256/128-bit encryption, and access can be controlled right down to the individual user and group level through seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

Powerful - With powerful features to enhance the viewing experience, such as a de-interlacing engine for smooth viewing of high motion content, closed captioning, electronic program guide, text overlay, PackeTV® packs professional grade decoding capabilities in thin client architecture with ultra-low latency support.