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PackeTV Views

Browser-based IPTV Content Management System

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Introducing PackeTV® Views

PackeTV® Views makes the viewing and sharing of IPTV content easier and more cost-effective than ever. Utilizing the friendly, configurable interface, users can view, curate, store, publish, and control IPTV content for a wide range of applications and audiences. PackeTV® Views offers a multi-user administrative interface, multiple viewer categories, and a simple, highly-visual back-end system, all at an affordable price point.

A browser-based channel application that maps media sources using a fully qualified Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), with PackeTV® Views, you can manage multiple account types and roles to simplify content maintenance, publishing, and access control. Content is stored in the cloud to minimize end-user requirements like hosting and storage, and provide for fast and dependable access to stored digital content. Use of Software as a Service (SaaS) technology also minimizes client set-up and ongoing expenses, saving you money on deployment, maintenance, and server hardware.

Improving Education Via Communication

PackeTV® Views is ideal for any school, organization or business that relies on video streaming to communicate and educate. Teachers and technologists from K-12, community colleges, colleges/universities, houses of worship and training facilities finally have an easy way to simplify the process of delivering dynamic digital content.

PackeTV® Views allows you to quickly and efficiently customize your digital content stream for any audience. You choose the channels that you wish to reach your users. Channels can contain user-created or curated content, or a combination of the two. Channel lists and user groups can be created easily. Targeted feeds to reach each user group can then be developed. The daunting world of digital education content can be efficiently and cleanly conquered with this simple management solution.
Features and benefits

• Easy to set up and manage, does not require a technical specialist or IT professional
• Platform agnostic, works on and with any system
• Leverages Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, minimizing end-user requirements and costs
• Compatible with open-source media player VLC from
• HTML-based solution is compatible with most popular Web browsers.
• Customized branding and flexible design for a personal user-interface experience.
• A custom menu can consist of feeds delivered and managed remotely, combined with local channels
• Affordable. Single-instance and enterprise licenses are available.

Buy with Confidence:
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