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PackeTV Mobile

HTTP-based Media Streaming
Communications System

PackeTV Mobile: HTTP-based media streaming communications system

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Tell. Share. Teach. We’re living in a world where communication is king. And in today’s mobile technology world, live streaming video is often the easiest way to get your message seen and heard.

Government agencies, education institutions, businesses and non-profits all can benefit from an HTTP-based video streaming system by which IP video is delivered to viewers via mobile device. Enter Visionary Solutions, an industry leader in digital technology systems, with PackeTV® Mobile. It’s an easily deployed, server-based solution that makes simple work of delivering HLS content.

PackeTV® Mobile dramatically lowers operational costs and provides seamless, around-the-clock availability of the video streams for organizations large and small. For mobile IP video distribution to iOS, Android phones, pads and tablets, PackeTV® Mobile conveys programing to hundreds of clients from one server. It can also be configured from a hosted solution to reach unlimited clients on a corporate or public network.

To read more about how this simple, single-box solution works, download this white paper on Delivering HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Video to Mobile Devices. Learn how you can eliminate special streaming protocols and enjoy stress-free set-up and management of multiple streams. The basic system supports up to 20 H.264 source streams and serves up to 200 clients.


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