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2 Slot, RackMount Encoder Chassis

MPP200 - high density, rackmount, 2 channel Media Processing Platform blade chassis for IPTV

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The most cost-effective and space-efficient way to encode digital video for network use is through one of Visionary Solutions’ Media Processing Platforms. Each is a high density system offering a number of slots where VSI encoder blades, such as the AVN420 or AVN443, can be installed.

The MPP200 is a 2-slot platform designed to stand alone or be rack mounted. One end of the chassis has LED status indicator lights and DC power input; encoder blades install into the other end.


Compact Two-Slot Chassis

Holds one or two single-slot AVN-series encoder blades or one dual-slot blade in a small form factor.

Stand-Alone or Rack Mounted

Mount one or two MPP200 chassis side-by-side in a standard 19” rack (1RU high), with the optional Rack Mount Kit, or use stand-alone.

LED Indicators

Status 1, Video 1, Status 2, Video 2 plus power.

External Power Supply

The MPP200 uses a power brick (DC) which is connected to the back of the unit. This power supply is included with the purchase of the MPP200

Buy with Confidence:
Visionary has a standard 30-day Evaluation Program and Limited 12-month Product Warranty & Non-Warranty Policy. Visionary also offers Extended Limited Product Warranties providing extended protection for your equipment investment.