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E4000 Encoder D4000 Decoder

4K UHD over IP cinema quality ultra-low latency visually lossless switch matrix routable encoder and decoder

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Visionary Solutions 4K UHD over IP cinema quality, ultra-low latency [∼1 frame - visually lossless], encoder and decoder bypass the constraints of traditional switch matrix distribution systems by harnessing the flexibility and scalability of converged IP networks.

With the growing demand for 4K UHD video, professional AV designers and IT directors – in an increasingly converged AV/IT environment – can use Visionary Solutions products as an alternative to conventional distribution systems.

Visionary’s PackeTV® and PacketAV® products can be deployed on any industry standard IP network.  They can be used on existing enterprise IP networks or a physically separate parallel network [private network] to offload traffic, using the same network protocols, methods, and devices but without intermingling of video traffic with data or voice; with equal ease of installation.


  • In-Room / Image Magnification
  • Commercial and Residential AV Systems
  • House of Worship
  • Sports Bars
  • Retail
  • Live Venues
  • Stadiums
  • Reception Areas
  • Classroom/Education
  • Digital Signage
  • Boardroom Systems
  • Collaborative PC Systems
  • Courtrooms
  • Command and Control Rooms
  • Luxury Transport

How it Works

An encoder is connected to an AV source signal [HDMI], [a camera, STB, media player, PC or Server, BluRay player, or digital signage player, etc.]. The signal is converted into a packetized network stream that’s compatible with off-the-shelf IGMP enabled Gigabit Ethernet [GbE] switches [Jumbo Frames enabled]. Using existing Cat5e/6 infrastructure, users can connect Cat5e/6 to any decoder anywhere on the same GbE network. The decoder takes the IP packets received over Cat5e/6 cables, converts them back into an HDMI signal connecting directly to a display, delivering visually lossless video along with RS232 controls. Any signal from any encoder can be sent to any decoder on the same network. The signals can easily be controlled with our Vision Lite software to create different outputs on the display side; including video wall or matrix switching.


  • No fiber or 10 Gigabit switch required
  • Low-Cost network switches are used
  • Distribute 4K video over a Gigabit Ethernet Network
  • Unlimited distribution
  • Any number and combination of inputs/outputs [in increments of one]
  • Standard network cabling [CAT5e/6]
  • Utilize existing network resources
  • Rapid deployment
  • Single network for AV and IT
  • Reduced operating costs


HDMI over IP
  • Transport 4K Ultra-High-Definition [UHD] 2160p60 [4:2:0] / 2160p30 [4:4:4] up to 330ft [100m] over Cat5e/6
  • Extensible AV Distribution – escape traditional fixed matrix limits
  • Expand the video matrix by adding encoders or decoders as needed
  • Allows for practically any combination of inputs and outputs
Matrix and Built in Videowall functions
  • A Single platform to support distributed displays and Video Walls; without separate expensive video wall processors and controllers
  • Enhanced Video Wall functionality – supports video rotation 180/270 degrees
  • Easily create video walls using normal commodity displays
  • Built-in video wall processor that allows you to build up to a 16×16 video wall
Seamless Fast Switching
  • Tearing free, no black screen, no frame lock
  • Vision Lite Control Software
  • 3rd Party Control Drivers [Crestron, AMX, etc.]
  • *API providing access to the full range of features on the encoders and decoders offered to qualified System Integrators
Auto Video Scaler
  • No need to worry about configuring the source resolution
  • 4K in/1080P out, 1080P in/4K out
Audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Supports digital and stereo analog audio
Adjustable bitrate
  • 10 – 200 Mbps or Auto [850Mbps max]
RS232 over IP
  • Control any device with an RS232 interface
 USB 2.0 over IP
  • Control practically any remotely located device using USB devices and interfaces
  • Also supports KVM over IP
Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint capable
HDMI 1.4 and HDCP Compliant
Buy with Confidence:
Visionary has a Limited 12-month Product Warranty & Non-Warranty Policy. Visionary also offers Extended Limited Product Warranties providing extended protection for your equipment investment.