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SD MPEG-2 Encoder

AVN220 MPEG-2 IP audio video encoder 'blade' - Requires an MPP200 or MPP1700 chassis

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AVN220 Overview:

The AVN220 encodes standard definition video in an MPEG-2 stream. It’s used in a Media Process Platform (MPP), a high density rack mount system. Plug a video source directly into the blade, plug into the network via the RJ-45 connection, and stream real-time digital video over your LAN or WAN. The MPP with AVN220 blades is suitable for applications requiring cost effective, high bit rate, standard definition video distribution over IP networks.


Superior Audio/Video Quality

MPEG-2 hardware compression and Visionary Solutions’ optimized transmission technology provides a video image at full frame rates and D1 resolution. The video stream can be viewed by an unlimited number of clients on a LAN or WAN with 25 fps PAL or 30 fps NTSC assured, provided that bandwidth is available. Image resolutions are configurable from D1 (720×480 NTSC, 720×576 PAL) down to 352×240. The video bit rate can be configured from 1.5 Mbit/s to 15 Mbit/s. The audio compression is MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio encoding at either 256 or 384 kbps with a 48 KHz sample rate.

Video Inputs

The AVN220 includes one BNC composite input, one RCA composite input and one S-Video input for connecting video source equipment.

Audio Input

A terminal block connector provides audio inputs for Balanced and Unbalanced connections, allowing for easy onsite connections regardless of the cabling outputs of the audio source. An audio preamp provides control of balance, volume, tone, bass and treble.

Closed Captioning

The AVN220 supports EIA-608 closed captioning.

External Device Connections

The AVN220 includes a serial connection via an RJ-45 or an RJ-11 connector. This connector can be used as an RS-232 port (fullduplex, no hand shaking) or an RS-422 (full-duplex) port. These ports allow the AVN220 to interface with a variety of external devices, such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) devices.

Management & Configuration

The AVN220 is easy to access and configure through the Browser Interface, and an optional AVN Control Protocol (API) is available for qualified customers. TCP/IP, HTTP, and other Internet-related protocols are supported. The Console Interface can be used for network configuration only (IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, and DNS), and not general device control.

Recommended Set-Top-Box Decoders for MPEG-2 Streams:

These Set-Top-Boxes decode all AVN generated streams including MPEG-2 and h.264, both HD and SD.

Recommended Software Decoder for MPEG-2 Streams

Decodes all AVN generated streams..

VLC Media Player – Link to external website

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