AdvancedDigitial Inc. is an established corporation based out of Toronto, Canada, and are the leader in supply of DTV (digital television) based equipment including next-generation DVB and IPTV products and systems.

AdvancedDigital Inc. specializes in the system design, integration, sale and distribution of digital equipment such as Video Encoders, IRD/Decoders, Modulators, R&D equipment, TV and IPTV broadcast equipment and other items geared towards the IPTV and broadcasting industry inNorth America, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia and Asia.

Operating since 2003 AdvancedDigital Inc. has had its services utilized by many companies and government institutions. The company has been involved in various projects that focused on converting analog video systems into digital by utilizing H.264 encoders with IPTV systems and digital video modulators.

AdvancedDigital Inc.’s employees have the experience and the knowledge necessary to operate and offer support and advice for all products sold by their company.