Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for using PC output as a video source for our AVN422, AVN441 and AVN443 encoder models?

How can I decode a stream from an AVN Encoder?

Can I store encoded video for later playback?

How can I send a Unicast stream from an AVN series encoder, across the public Internet, to a Decoder on a remote LAN?

How do I configure an AVN420 or VSiCaster to stream to a Wowza Streaming Server?

What is the bandwidth required to send video over IP with an AVN Encoder?

What are the differences between the AVN series encoders?

How do I record a stream to file using VLC? How do I re-stream a previously recorded file using VLC?

How do I download and use VLC Media Player?

Can I send video over the Internet with an AVN Encoder (keywords: VSiCaster, Wowza, NetroMedia)?

How can I communicate and control my AVN Encoder?

I have made a serial / console (RS-232) connection from my AVN Encoder to my PC, but cannot communicate to it via Hyperterminal. What may be wrong?

In the event of momentary power loss, can the AVN Encoder be set to start streaming automatically when the power has returned?

Can I view AVN encoded streams with Windows Media Player (WMP) or in Internet Explorer (IE)?

Do the AVN series encoders support Closed Captioning ( CC )? EIA-608 & EIA-708 supported

Why do I get a username / password or Access Violation error when attempting to update an AVN2XX unit using Configuration Utility?

Why can’t I start my AVN4XX (AVN420, AVN422, AVN441, or AVN443) stream?

What IR keyboard frequency will work with Amino STBs?

How much latency can I expect from the input of video into the AVN Encoder to the decoded output being viewed on my PC, TV or monitor?

How do I connect to the AVNs console interface? What are the terminal settings required to connect to AVN encoders?

Will sending video in a multicast transmission flood my network with traffic?

What type of cable do I use to connect to an AVNs console interface?

Are the AVN Encoders compliant with and supportive of ITU-R BT.656 and ITU-R BT.601?

What is the difference between unicast and multicast streams?

What is IGMP Querying and IGMP Snooping and why would I need it on my network?

Why does my AVN2XX (AVN200, AVN210, AVN220) stream go green after some period of time?

How do I use VLC Media Player to find and play a SAP (Session Announce Protocol) announced AVN stream?

Do the AVN encoders support WSS (Wide Screen Signaling)?

What is WSS (Wide Screen Signaling) and what is the difference between 16:9 (16×9) and 4:3 (4×3) aspect ratios?

Does HDMI support Closed Captioning?

What is h.264/AVC?

Are AVN series encoders ROHS compliant?

Are AVN series encoders WEEE compliant?