Open the windows of the classroom wider than ever – let in a worldwide wealth of knowledge via IPTV.

The education industry is in the midst of an exciting technology transition. Coaxial networks are obsolete, and delivering digital content from a variety of sources is now possible with the use of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

Creating an IPTV network for your school is scalable and cost-effective with products and services from Visionary Solutions Inc., an established and respected IPTV solutions company. Applications include live and pre-recorded programming, campus-wide announcements, teacher training, meetings, sports and campus events, assemblies, student productions, digital signage and delivery of learning material to home-bound students.

At VSI, our goal is to make your IPTV experience a positive, supported and rewarding one. Our high-quality equipment, easy-to-manage software, and friendly support team deliver an optimal experience for your school, college, or other learning organization. We utilize industry-standard protocols and algorithms, a free, open-source media player, and deliver a flexible, scalable and highly affordable service.

A partial list of the education solutions VSI hardware and software provides:

-IPTV replaces the need for a dedicated video coaxial network, and eliminates the need for a TV and VCR in every classroom while providing an integrated platform for video streaming, capture, and playback.

-A single video headend can deliver audio/video to an unlimited number of connected schools. It can be utilized district-wide on the computers and infrastructure you already own, taking advantage of previous investments.

-Stream live, video-on-demand (VOD), and multicast video feeds simultaneously to an unlimited number of classrooms. Delivery can be to a single monitor, multiple monitors, or students’ individual laptops, tablets or smartphones.

- Control a wide range of content, including student and faculty-produced videos as well as leading broadcast and cable networks, from a central location, maximizing efficiency and output control and lowering operational expenses.

-Teachers can go into the digital library and easily select content from IPTV network playlist.

-District control, review and compliance with educational standards.

-Stream live video productions, webcast, multicast, or create a portable TV station.

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