Qatar National Convention Center Utilizes Visionary Solutions Encoders To Efficiently Deliver Real-Time Streaming Video

By Dmitrovic Milos

When the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) in Doha, Qatar, opened its doors in December 2011, its main objective was to offer travelers a first-class, state-of-the-art convention facility in one of the world’s first green-technology venues. Boasting more than 40,000 sq m of exhibition space, a conference hall designed to fit 4000 delegates, and a 2300-seat lyric-style theater, the QNCC is the perfect location for regional and international conventions, exhibitions, gala events, concerts, theatrical productions, and banquets.

One of the primary reasons that qualify QNCC as a dynamic venue is because of its deployment of cutting-edge green technology. In its early development stages, engineers determined that a power-efficient technological infrastructure would be key to helping reduce capital and operational costs, while still meeting the high-quality AV requirements needed to support the venue’s events and conferences. The QNCC hired Svetlost Teatar, a professional AV systems designer and integrator, to create its IP network. After installing the IP-based backbone, Svetlost Teatar worked with QNCC engineers to deploy supporting IPTV equipment.

A critical part of QNCC’s AV system is its powerful encoding platform. After careful consideration of the industry’s available encoding solutions, Svetlost Teatar and QNCC jointly selected Visionary Solutions Inc. AVN220 and AVN443HD encoders based on their exceptional performance, high-quality H.264 encoding, low upfront cost, and energy-saving capabilities.

The Visionary Solutions’ AVN encoding systems allow QNCC to cost-effectively support a variety of innovative AV services during its events and conferences, including real-time streaming of SD and HD video and audio signals over a local area network (LAN) that runs throughout the entire building. The encoding systems are seamlessly integrated into an existing IP network, without requiring any additional infrastructure for AV transport, helping to eliminate unnecessary costs.

AVN220 encoders are utilized to compress SD video into an MPEG-2 stream, which can be streamed in real time. The high-density, rack-mountable platform features a dual-redundant power supply capable of holding up to 17 single slot encoder blades, or a combination of dual and single slot blades, reducing QNCC’s carbon footprint and overall expenditures.

Visionary Solutions’ AVN443HD encoders provide a full-frame rate SD or HD IP video stream, relying on the company’s sophisticated, cost-effective H.264 hardware compression and optimized transmission technology. The AVN443HDs consume less than 5 watts of power and are extremely efficient at dissipating heat, making them the ideal encoding solution for QNCC’s green technology initiative.

Since December 2011, the Visionary Solutions encoders have successfully supported more than 128 events and will be used during two prestigious conferences later this year: the 25th Universal Postal Union Congress and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, one of the world’s largest exhibitions. The QNCC also recently hosted its first full-scale international theatrical production of Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” featuring Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey. During the live event, the AVN encoders played a vital role in delivering a superior-quality HD stream.

Thanks to the efficiencies inherent in Visionary Solutions’ AVN encoders, the QNCC was one of the first worldwide conference and exhibition facilities awarded the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) gold certification, helping to set the standard for today’s modern technical exhibition spaces.

Dmitrovic Milos is an AV Engineer at Svetlost Teatar. Svetlost Teatar is turn-key solution company specialized in theater and related technologies. The company was involved in more than 100 projects in past 16 years, including 19000 seats arenas and world famous operas. Company website: Dmitrovic can be contacted at