How can I send a Unicast stream from an AVN series encoder, across the public Internet, to a Decoder on a remote LAN?

Make sure that encoder is configured, with a proper DNS, through the networks settings.
Set “Stream Destination” to the public IP address at the receiving location. Use a port number that has been verified as not being used on the receive location’s router.

Configure with a Static IP address and a valid DNS.
Set up decoder channel for receiving a unicast stream, being sent to its own IP address, and a unique port #.

Receive Location Router:
Configure port forwarding, to forward incoming stream traffic to the static IP address of the decoder and to the port number configured for the decoder channel.

Encoder’s “Stream Destination” =
Receive Location’s Public IP/Router address = (port 1234 assigned for receiving stream)
Decoder’s Static IP address =
Decoder’s Channel Configuration = udp://
Receive Location’s Router: Port forwarding is set so that any traffic coming to is forwarded to