Can I send video over the Internet with an AVN Encoder (keywords: VSiCaster, Wowza, NetroMedia)?

Yes, but it depends on the AVN encoder. The AVN420 h.264 SD encoder can be set as low as 156kbps so is well suited for Internet streaming. Our h.264 HD (AVN422, AVN441, and AVN443) encoders are not well suited for Internet streaming due to their higher bitrate requirements. MPEG-2 encoders (AVN200, AVN210 and AVN220) are limited to connections which support 1.5Mb (T1) or greater.

The VSiCaster™ is a specially preconfigured AVN420 and MPP200 bundle which can easily upload its stream to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for audio/video re-distribution to just about any viewing device, including smart phones. VSI has partnered with NetroMedia (, a leading CDN, providing a proven end-to-end streaming solution, allowing users to plug and stream in minutes. For more information on VSiCaster™ and NetroMedia click here. Note: the VSiCaster™ is also compatible with many streaming servers, including Darwin and Wowza allowing users to stream the content themselves if the desire.

General Info: Unicast (point to point) streams can be sent over connections with enough sustained bandwidth (h.264 SD >= 156kbps and MPEG-2 >= 1.5Mb). Multicast (one point to many points) streams require special services to be sent over the internet. Most internet service providers (ISPs) will charge a large fee to be on their multicast backbone. Multicasting video over the internet is limited to those who subscribe to their ISP’s multicast service. However, with CDNs and streaming servers available, which allow a single stream to be rebroadcast to many viewers it is almost like multicasting a stream.